Forged steel ball valves

KCM forged steel valve are designed and manufactured to provide maximum service life and dependability . All ball valves can meet the design requirements of standard API 608 & API 6D,British standard BS 5351 .

Our valves are available in a complete range of body/bonnet materials and trims.Range of Materials

Standard body/bonnet materials include generally used grades of carbon,low alloy and stainless steels, For special application like bronze,cast iron,Monel etc,we can also design for customers. There’s a full range of trim materials to match any service.

Optional packing and gasket materials are available for a full range of service conditions.

01.Operating.Our ball valves are available for lever,gear operated,electric actuator,pneumatic actuator.

02.Bore.we provide both full bore and reducing bore. Reduced-bore design provides exceptional flow control.

03.Packing.Standard packing use multiple V-TEFLON,for high temperature service,we recommend graphite packing.

04.Body and Bonnet.2PC or 3PC. Easily for repair or replacement of internal components.

05.Blow-out proof stem.

06. Anti static design. A metallic contact is always granted between ball and stem/body to discharge eventual statics build-opduring service.

07.A choice of flange, RF flanged,RTJ flanged ,butt welding end for piping system .

08.Fire-safety durable. Designed as per API 607 or BS 6755 to grant their operation in case of fire. Secondary metal-to-metal seal acts backup if primary seal is destroyed by fire . Valves ordered for compliance with API 607 will be provided with graphite packing and gaskets.

09.Self-Lubrication bearing. Non-maintenance, easy operation, low torque and longer life.

10.Installed in prescriptive part accord with the apply and satisfied with ecumenical situations and realize seal in spot with maintenance easily.